Episode 287: Gods With Anuses (The Denial of Death Pt. 1)
Very Bad WizardsJune 25, 2024
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Episode 287: Gods With Anuses (The Denial of Death Pt. 1)

David faces his greatest fear as he and Tamler dive into Ernest Becker’s 1973 Pulitzer Prize winner The Denial of Death. Blending existentialist ideas within a psychoanalytic framework, Becker argues that the ultimate source of human motivation is not the repression of sexual drives (as Freud thought) but our terror of death and the yearning for an immortality we can never possess. This episode focuses on Part One of Becker’s book, and we’ll conclude the discussion in the next episode.

Plus are gun owners really dissatisfied with their penis size? We look at the numbers.

Hill, T. D., Zeng, L., Burdette, A. M., Dowd-Arrow, B., Bartkowski, J. P., & Ellison, C. G. (2024). Size matters? Penis dissatisfaction and gun ownership in America. American journal of men's health, 18(3), 15579883241255830.

The Denial of Death by Ernest Becker [amazon.com affiliate link]

The Denial of Death [wikipedia.org]

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